Grieve 4 (ebook)


Downloadable epub version of Grieve Volume 4



“To live is to suffer, to survive is to find some meaning in the suffering.”
– Friedrich Nietzsche

In this fouth volume of the Grieve Project, our award winning writers and poets share their often heartbreaking, but always uplifting stories of grief and loss, not only for their own catharsis, but so those newly grieving can feel a little less alone.

As with all previous volumes, Grieve Volume 4 contains many perspectives on grief and loss – from the tragedy of losing an unborn child to the loss of parents, spouses and siblings at the end of a long life. There are also a few stories and poems from the perspective of health professionals and carers; those dedicated souls that help the rest of us deal with pain and loss.

Now entering its 6th year, the Grieve Project has grown from a humble Australian writing competition run in honor of Grief Awareness Month into a truly international project. We will all experience grief and loss in our lifetimes; they transcend nationality, philosophy and religion.

Most of the writers in Grieve believe sharing their stories has brought them greater peace and helped the grieving process. It is our profound wish that you too can find hope and healing through their stories.